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ok, heres the deal...
I am goin to write 10 things to 10 people but I am keeping it annoynomous...

Dear you,
   I would just like to start off saying that I do not like you but I do not hate you. It is just some of the things that you do that urk me so. For example, when you talk in that stupid baby voice, or when you think you know everything, or even when you think you are the smartest person in the world but you take my homework anyway. I know that you are a nice person but it is just those certain things that you do that make me strangle you inside my head.

Dear you,
   I miss you. You were the one person that actually listened to all I had to say but, now that you are gone, I do not think that I can feel the same. We had a lot in common and I loved you for that. You even included me in everything you did even when I was not wanted. The only question I have is... WHY? Why did you leave me to suffer? Why did you leave me alone with no one else who understands me at all? I just want to know that?! PLEASE! I wish we could just talk again, just like old times, just like back in elementry school when we first met, but in my mind I know that you are not coming back so I write this to say good-bye.

Dear you,
   I love you but there are some things that I hate about you. I hate how you think you are the best at every sport, and every activity that you do. You act like you are the best BUT YOU ARE NOT!!! I hope you read this because what I am typing is the truth! You are not the best at THAT and I hope you realize it soon before you make a complete fool of yourself. Another thing I dont like is when you put down me and every one you know. I think I would know if I did something wrong and telling me I did it wrong to my face is not going to make me feel better, it is just going to make me do it wrong again, so STOP!!!!

Dear you,
   I LOVE YOU! I know that you think I hate you but I don't. I know that you want to be closer to me and you want me to be around you more but... just showing up in my bedroom door is not going to help bring us together, it is just going to tear us apart. I wish we could be closer. (I am going to give this away but I want to get this out) BEing my coach for basketball is fun but telling me that I suck isn't. Bringing me to my first softball games and other sprting events is fun too but telling me that I am fat or bit isn't fun either. I wish you could be more of a dad to me but I do not think that that is going to happen any time soon. I wish that you would of a dad to me. i wish that after we have dinner, that we could talk. What I don't want is for you to eat and ditch because I worry that I won't see you tomorrow night for another silent dinner. I wish that you would play games with me or talk to me without questioning everything I do. Just asking me a question and coming back to talk in a month isn't a real healthy relationship. I just want you to know that I LOVE YOU more than you will ever know because I know that you will never read this letter.

Dear you,
   first of all, I do not even know how we became freinds. I just know that I walked down the wrong path when I chose to side with you. I remeber us at first though. I remember that I hated you with every fiber of my being and I wanted you dead and I know you felt the same way because we fought a lot and i fought back. I just want to know why you hated me? I know I am not pretty, not smart, not talented, but what I do know is that I am nice, honest, and outgoing so why would you do that. Everytime we came in contact with each other, it was like a fireball smashed through my heart and pushed itself out of my chest so I wouldnt feel sorry for doing that to you. Everytime we played four square at afterschool you would try your hardest to get me out, and everytime we sat at the same table I coul hear you talking about me in your(very loud, btw) whisper tone.I wish I could go back to that year so I could fight back but I remember that I was only 11 and I did not know any better. I wish I could just go back and tear you to shreads andwalk away.

Dear you,
   I miss you. You were my first real friend and I think about you all the time, but you moved away. It was ony first grade but I remember everyday we spent together. I remeber when we met and I remeber how uch good fiends we became. I also remember how we met again about seven years later and you wouldn't even talk to me. I hoped so much that you would but that never happened. I wanted to go up to you and tell you I have missed you so much but something in my head told me not to, holding me back. I just have one other thing to say... I KNOW that if you stayed, then we would be in love right now.

Dear you,
   You are one of my best friends. We met in second grade but you moved away and left me alone for a little while. Well almost alone...haha! We became the best of friends. We still are because you came BACK and you stayed. We hang out alot and know each others secrets and I love you for that.

Dear you,
   I love you but not just because I have to but because I want to. We have known each other our whole lives(almost) and we are almost opposites but that is why I love you. I hope you know that I am always here for you and I am willing to do anything for you eve if it involves breaking some state laws. I would walk the United states for you but, What I don't like is that you call me names and hurt my feelings every day. And just because you say 'just kidding' doesn't mean it hurts less, it just makes me feel like you mean what you said but in a joking way. I hate that feeling because I start to feel like it is true when I know it isn't. I do not feel myself when You do this to me.

Dear you,
   I love you because we are so alike that we could be sisters. We have so much in common and I can talk to you about anything and you can talk to me abot what ever is on your mind and we can confine in each other whenever times get tough. I do not hate anything about you! I love you and I hope we stay friends til we grow old!!!

Dear you,
   We havn't spoken since 5th grade, which I hate. I know what you went through with your mother and I wish that it never happened. I wish that you would talk to someone like me so we could talk it out because I can see how your mothers illness has effected you. Your grades dropped. You dressed in weird balck clothing. And You acted differently than  you did a couple of weeks ago. I do not like how you changed. I liked how you were funny and smart and nice to everyone you talked to. I miss the old him!

...ok.. I feel better!

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